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Abby Barnes Survives

Abby Barnes is our part-time office coordinator here at Quill Counseling. She is simply AMAZING and it is amazing she survived not 1 but 2 accidents on Tuesday February 5th. In trying to find the "right words" for this post I came across something real, a little comical because Abby wouldn't want it any other way, and partially fitting: "Hard Times Are Like a Washing Machine, They Twist, Turn and Knock Us Around, But In The End we Come Out Cleaner, Brighter and Better Than Before" Her accidents definitely were twists and turns and knocked her lets surround Abby with clean bright people who believe in her because life is too precious for anything less! Please support her in her recovery by showing her you care by donating financially if you are in a place where you can and/or posting her a message in the comments below.

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