Therapy is for those people who have enough self-awareness to realize they need a helping hand, and that is something to be admired! 


Our mission is to promote optimal mental health through awareness, advocacy, and education. To help improve the quality of life to our patients with wellness focused services that promote social-emotional well-being. 


Our vision is a society where mental wellness is the foundation of a healthy community. We teach children from a very young age to care for their bodies - if they get a scrape on their leg they clean it and put on a bandage. In the American society there is much stigma around mental health - we don't teach how to care for our minds. Far too often people wait until they are in crisis before seeking out help for their minds. Our minds are very powerful and mental health is important. At Quill Counseling we teach you how to manage symptoms and maintain a mentally healthy quality of life! 

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office Coordinator
Abby Barnes

Abby Barnes is our Office Coordinator. She coordinates new clients, facilitates the intake process and scheduling.


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BA Sociology - Drake University MS Ed in Counseling - Western Illinois University Nationally Certified Counselor - Licensed Mental Health Counselor in IA - Certified Infant Touch and Massage Instructor.


Michele received her BA in Sociology from Drake University in 2002. She worked as a caseworker with youth, juvenile delinquents, foster care and family-centered for about 6 years. Michele received her MSEd in Counseling from Western Illinois University in 2010. She stayed home and worked part-time teaching and counseling in the school system. She started her counseling career in Private Practice in 2016. She has been married to her husband since 2006 and is the mother of 3 school-aged children. She is also a certified Infant Touch and Massage Instructor utilizing techniques in sessions with new parents. Michele has written a book titled A FORK IN MY ROAD: A mother's journey raising a child with food allergies and is currently working on her next book on PostPartum.

business coordinator
eric Schroeder

Eric Schroeder is our Business Coordinator. He oversees our business operations behind the scenes facilitating media coordination, budget planning, and other business administrative duties.